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An Interdisciplinary Research Company


Exploro-Historia Consultants (EHC) is a full-service interdisciplinary historical research and design consulting firm based in Pennsylvania, USA. We specialize in researching and consulting- costume history, costume design, historical costume, social history, aviation history, space history, theory/philosophy in design, museums and historical societies related-practices and available to carry out commissions for interdisciplinary historical research, historical costume research, historical costume design, costume design for theatre and movies, editing and writing.


EHC provides expertise on a wide range of historical matters: costume design, costume illustration, exhibitions, oral interviews as well as  museums and historical societies-related practices such as consultation, research, curatorial, collections, exhibitions, preservation and conservation.


Exploro-Historia Consultants is the only historical costume, costume history-related consulting firm in the United States and are trained to critically assess evidence and events of the past and place them into a broader political, economic and social context.

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