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Curriculum Vitae

                             Damayanthie Eluwawalage

Dr. Damayanthie Eluwawalage, PhD, BA (Honours), BA, MPHA


Assistant Professor, Professional Historian, Private Pilot, Second Lieutenant-Civil Air Patrol (Assistant Aerospace Education Officer, Squadron 1007), United States Air Force Auxiliary

Mobile: 607-353-5005





Edith Cowan University, Australia

Interdisciplinary – Design, History


B.A. (Design) First Class Honours

Curtin University of Technology, Australia

Interdisciplinary: Design, History


B.A. (Design) 

Curtin University of Technology, Australia

(Cross-institutional studies); Product Design/Industrial Design/Fashion/History



Dr. Damayanthie Eluwawalage, PhD, MPHA, earned her doctorate from Edith Cowan University in Australia. She also holds a BA (Honours First-class) in Design from Curtin University of Technology, Australia. She is a Professional Historian who specializes in costume history. Her research interests include interdisciplinary design, industrial/product design, design theory, aviation/space history, space/aviation, (she holds a Private Pilot License), costume history, and fashion/aesthetic theory. 



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